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Merchstack Presents: Achieve optimal indexing of your ecommerce filters

A Talk by Hanna Downs
Co-founder & Chief Evangelist, Merchstack Inc.

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About this talk

This session is sponsored by Merchstack. If you add this session to your schedule and opted to share your contact details at registration, we’ll pass them on and you may be contacted by their representatives.

Throughout her career working on a number of eCommerce sites, Hanna has been trying to find a scalable and transparent way of indexing dynamic pages to reach maximum opportunity, without index bloat. What’s clear is that proprietary platforms require a lot of customisation to get anywhere close and product data is often unreliable. In this talk, Hanna will showcase a solution that is the result of 10 years of specialised learning across tech stacks. Merchstack combines a remote team of best in class software engineers, product owners and designers; all turned SEO advocates. Merchstack is a headless solution that integrates with all major eCommerce platforms and solutions. It gives you full control and visibility at an attribute and category level to help make important decisions like which pages to make indexable, all the while using search volume as guidance. Optimise URL and metadata logic and track performance directly in the tool with GSC and GA integrations. Last but not least, Merchstack is fully portable; no more rebuilding your entire indexation strategy when the company decides to move platforms! Sign up to see Merchstack in action and have your minds blown.

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